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Time and Attendance / Access Control

The lastest Biometric Clocking devices - all clockings are now available on your Network FP

    No more buddy clockingFP Reader
    Managers can now access clockings on the network

Ready to be applied to Work Schedules, Rotations and
Pay Rate types with full Edit capabilities

    Setup shifts and assign pay rates
    Access detailed or summary reports
    Check absenteeism, late arrivals, etc.

This Information can then be Imported by 26 standard Payroll Packages.

VIP, Pastel,Paywell, Brilliant + +, etc.

No payroll package - we can also export to Excel

VIP Certification

What we Supply

Installation of a biometric reader suited to your industryFP Reader on Construction Site

    Installation of Time Manager software Magnetic Door Lock

    Training and support

Contact us for further info

You will need to supply the number of employees you have
and what payroll package you use