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Digital Video Recording (DVR)

CCTV A Revolution in the CCTV Market
Keep your cameras and replace your analog video equipment with this card that fits into your computer, allowing for multiple cameras to be connected to your computer.

System Features

Cameras/Video Recording
  • Cameras automatically detected upon system
  • User-specified alarm trigger on camera failure
  • Display mode support: Full screen(on any quad mode), also support 1 quad; 4 quad, 6 quad, 8 quad, 10 quad, 13 quad, 16 quad
  • Video Sequential Display
  • Video loop through connectors (BNC) provided for each camera.
  • Video format: NTSC/PAL
  • Selectable frame rate settings.
  • Video Size: Software Simulated
  • Adjustable Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue Settings
  • Video file format: AVI, MPEG-4 and Wavelet.
  • Events can be triggered by motion-detection, external contact or video signal loss based on customer specific pre-set parameters
  • Alarm recording. Enable the function by camera individually.
  • Mask setting by camera.
  • Recording by scheduling
  • Sequential recording function
  • Recording mode:
  • Motion Detection
  • Round-the clock
  • Recycle
  • Schedule
  • Adjustable sensitivity of motion detection from 1 to 10 levels
  • Mask color can be changed
  • Mask area can be add or subtract
Password Protection Motion Detect
  • User Level
  • Camera viewing by user level
  • Password protection for remote login user
  • Auto login - Predefined user account
  • Full User management mechanism
  • Programmable for each camera view
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Two-dimensional adjustment
  • Controls time-lapse recording
  • Changeable mask color
Search & Playback E-Map
  • Data and time search per selected camera
  • Search condition by day and by motion, DI/O, round the clock
  • Multi-channel playback, simultaneous playback
  • Image resolution adjustment on screen
  • Playback speed adjustment
  • Changeable background picture, support GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG file format
  • Dynamic increase or decrease camera numbers
  • Adjustable camera direction
Network Access (Remote) Compression
  • Network viewing via standard Ethernet connection enables
  • Browser viewer(Chrome, FireFox) can view live image through internet
  • Supports remote playback
  • Remote Watch Application
  • Supports Modem to Modem(PSTN)
  • Supports TCP/IP connection
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Remote record/stop record
  • Remote schedule start/stop
  • Remote reboot
  • PTZ and IO
  • MPEG-4 Compression
  • 320x240 resolution live display rate
  • 320x240 resolution recording rate